Your Daily Muslim: Omar Abdelbadie

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Egyptian-born Muslim Omar Abdelbadie was a senior neurobiology student at the University of Washington, which is located in Seattle, the secondary hippie capitol of the US. Despite his education, Abdelbadie still clung to baseless delusions from a grisly 7th-century fairytale called the Qur’an. However, Abdelbadie’s life took a profound turn, and he sure won’t be graduating and going to med school any time soon.

In early June, Abdelbadie was walking along “the Ave,” a road which is apparently really sketchy and gross, next to the University. On the Ave, something caught his eye – a female who, according to his description, was “dressed provocatively.” Many Muslims believe that women who dress provocatively are asking for rape, and I’m guessing Abdelbadie is no exception based on what happened next. Being a Seattleite, Abdelbadie had plenty of marijuana stored away (many Seattleites are rumored to eat marijuana instead of food), and offered…

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